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Parent Advisory Board

425 Kenney Avenue - [318] 456-3448

The Parent Advisory Board supports the Child & Youth Program for the betterment of the Barksdale community. Specifically, the board directs its energies in the following principal areas:

* Assist in positive staff and parent communication of interest to parents in order to provide the best care and services possible for children/youth
* Increase parent's knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices and parent education opportunities
* Increase parent participation as partners and encourage involvement in all aspects in Child & Youth Programs (e.g., art and crafts, music, dress, storytelling, field trips   cultural experiences)
* Coordinate at least an annual parent participation program in conjunction with program staff
* Assist with at least two events each year for parents using FCC

Membership in the Parent Advisory Board is open to parents of children/youth enrolled in Child and Youth Program facilities. The board meets quarterly.

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