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RV Lot and Self-Storage Units

1264 Twining Drive [318] 456-3426

Information Required for RV Lot
Type of Vehicle
Proof of Ownership/Title
Up-to-Date Vehicle Registration
Proof of Insurance
Local Contact Address
Telephone Number
Types of RV's permitted for storage are pop-up campers, slide-in campers, motor homes, utility trailers, fifth wheels, boats and trailers, sailboats. All-terrain vehicles, jet skis and canoes are permitted, but must be stored on a trailer. Cars must be drivable, or on a trailer, and free of oil leaks. Owner is responsible for cleanup of any type of oil or fluid spill and report such to the activity manager. Only one item per spot is allowed.
25' SPOT: $30 per month
30' SPOT: $35 per month
45' SPOT: $40 per month

Information Required for Storage Units
Local Contact Address
Telephone Number
They also must provide proof of sufficient liability and comprehensive insurance to cover all claims resulting from theft, vandalism, fire, lightning, flood, tornado, or unusual occurrences while occupying the Self-Storage Unit. Patrons will sign the bottom of the policy letter, acknowledging they have read and understand it, and will comply with the rules as stated. It is strictly prohibited to store any hazardous waste or materials in the units to include gas, oil, paint or any other petroleum based product.
Lot and Unit patrons will supply their own lock to secure their property and store items at their own risk in the self-storage unit or vehicle in the RV Storage Lot at their own risk. Patrons also must terminate registration in person at Equipment Rental by signing off on their rental agreement. All customers must notify Equipment Rental of any move or PCS two weeks prior to vacating the area.
34- 10'x18' units: $50 per month

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