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6341 Range Road - [318] 456-2679

Reservations and a deposit are required for use of the "Witches Hut," pavilion areas and large grills in the parks. For Squadron functions, the cost is $25 for the park. The fee may be waived one time during a year for squadron functions (see Fee Waiver Form). Personal functions can be held at the park for a cost of $35 per pavilion or $100 for the entire park. A park kit is available free of charge for those who rent the entire park.  Reservations may be made at the FamCamp Office or by calling 456-2679. During nice weather reservations fill up quickly, you are able to reserve a date up to 90 days in advance of your function.

Alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed at an event, but only with the required paperwork as indicated below. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for approval.
All parks are smoke-free area in accordance with AFI 40-102; 3.3.3. Installation recreational facilities, including but not limited to athletic fields, running tracks, basketball courts, golf courses, beaches, marinas, and parks.

Park Reservation Form

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Fee Waiver Form

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