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Military Personnel Section

801 Kenney Ave, Suite 1300 - [318] 456-6968

Career Development
Outbound Assignments 456-2085/1501 or 2FSS.Outbound.Assignments@barksdale.af.mil
Promotions & Special Actions 456-4258, 456-4102 or 2MSSPromotions@barksdale.af.mil
Retirements/Separations 456-4169/2171 or 2FSSRetirements@barksdale.af.mil
Reenlistments 456-4063, 456-1536, 456-1163, 456-4102 or 2FSS.Reenlistments@barksdale.af.mil

Force Management
Employments 456-1270, 456-5257 or 2FSS.Employments@barksdale.af.mil
Evaluations 456-5478, 456-5475, 456-1270 or 2FSS.Evaluations@barksdale.af.mil
INTRO/BAS/SIK/Adverse Actions 456-4339, 456-4114 or 2FSS.Intro@barksdale.af.mil

Customer Service
Customer Service/ID Cards 456-3710
Awards and Decorations 456-4532
Passports Office Call 456-3442 to make an appointment
Citizenship Office Call 456-4883 to make an appointment

1.  I am new to Barksdale. How do I start in-processing?  Check in at your unit Commander's Support Staff.  Your CSS will be able to assist you from there.
2.  How long will it take to get my BAS set up? It depends. We have to wait for two things: First, the member must bring the AF IMT 220 with the commanders signature and second for the SIK to be faxed back from the dining facility.
3.  I lost my ID Card.  What do I need to get a new one? Everyone must have a "Lost Letter" signed by the Commander, Squadron Commander, First Sergeant or Security Advisor from their unit with two forms of identification. One form of ID must contain your photo.
4.  My dependent/spouse lost his/her ID card; do I have to be with him/her to get a new one? Yes, the sponsor is required to sign the DD Form 1172, Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card DEERS Enrollment each time you are issued a new ID Card. However, if your sponsor is deployed, you can renew your ID card with a Power of Attorney and two forms of ID, or a copy of your sponsor's deployment orders and two forms of ID.
5.  My CAC is blocked/locked.  Can I unlock it over the phone? No, you must come into the ID card office to unlock your CAC because we must match your fingerprint to the one on file in the DEERS computer.
6.  How old do my children have to be to get ID Cards? ID Cards are issued to children when they turn 10.  However, if you are a single parent or a military member married to another military member, you must get your children ID Cards before they turn 10.
7.  Do I have to notify the ID card office when I get married or divorced? Yes.  Our office updates your DEERS record and your military personnel record.  You are required to keep these current at all times.
8.  I am not a US Citizen and want to become a US Citizen, what do I have to do? If you are an active duty member, please visit the following web sites for information on how to become a US Citizen or call our office at 456-4883 and we will assist you with completing the paperwork: AFPC Citizenship Application and US Citizenship and Immigration Service's (USCIS), A Guide to Naturalization.
9.  How long does the Citizenship process take? The process to become a US Citizen takes approximately 13 months.
10.  Can I re-enlist if I am not a US Citizen? No, only US Citizens can re-enlist.
11.  Can I update my SGLI form on-line? No, you must come to the Customer Service/ID Card office to update your SGLI form.
12.  Can I fill out my dependents ID card paperwork from home? Yes. You can accomplish this by going to: https://pki.dmdc.osd.mil/self_service

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