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Defenders of Liberty MUD RUN

New Date - 19 SEP 2020

Mud Run 20 is cancelled. Refunds are available at Barksdale Information, Tickets & Tours / 318 456-1866 beginning Monday, 17 August 2020.  

Mud Run 21 is tentatively scheduled for May 22, 2021. Watch for registration details.


About.  Barksdale Air Force Base opens its doors to the local community and hosts the Defenders of Liberty Mud Run. This annual adventure race is open to the general public.  Athletes, fitness enthusiasts or those just looking for a fun experience can run through the rugged wooded terrain of Barksdale’s east reservation. The 4 mile course features 19 military style obstacles and will challenge all participants from the fittest to the first timers. Racers must climb, crawl, lift, pull, cross a traverse line over water and navigate a huge water slide in addition to running. The landscape itself is a far from flatland with everything from rolling to significant hills, areas of flat meadowland and even takes the runners through legendary Louisiana gumbo mud in the bayou bottom bogs. 

Location. The race is held at Barksdale's Warrior Training Center in Bossier City/Shreveport, Louisiana.  Access from off base is simple - just take I-20’s Haughton-Fillmore Exit 33 and follow the signs right to the event.  

Times. For adults, the Mud Run features a competitive race wave in the morning followed by multiple fun race waves that launch about every thirty minutes. A group or team wave happens in the early afternoon.  Exact times may vary depending on participation.

Who can run? This annual adventure race is open to the general public.  Any adult or youth age 16 or older with parent's permission. Ages 10-15 may run the adult course but only when accompanied by a parent who is registered for the same race wave.

Kid's Run. There's a one mile Kid's Race course for ages 5-11 which features age appropriate obstacles and is closely supervised by adults. Participants ages 10-15 are also able to run the adult course but must run with a parent who is registered for the same race wave.

Teamwork! Lots of groups run together in costume or theme. Team running is encouraged to help motivate each other. Wear matching team shirts, bandanas, wrist bands, or whatever inspires you to make it easier to find each other throughout the race!  Teams are eligible for a discount for each runner.  To get a Team discount code, just log onto Eventbrite.com, search Mud Run and "contact the organizer," or call Barksdale’s outdoor Recreation team at 318 456-3426.

Other ammenities. This event is fun for the whole family.  In addition to the race, there is music, food, a children’s bouncy, a bonfire and guests can watch the racers finish with final obstacles at show center.

The Cause Proceeds support the fighting men, women and families stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base.  Funds are re-invested in morale, recreation and welfare programs that increase the resilience of our Airmen and improve their quality of life. Taking care of Airmen and families, enables the warfighter to take care of our nation’s business at hand.  

To find out more, call 318 453-0976.      Register now at evenbrite.com.  


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