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Bomber Bayou Golf Course

180 Bossier Road - [318] 456-2263

Bayou Bomber Golf Course is now open to the community. Want to play golf Bomber Bayou? It's really simple...just give us a call at [318] 456-2263 and we'll walk you through the process. 

Tournaments: All tournaments must be Air Force sponsored or be affiliated with an organization having direct interaction with Barksdale Air Force Base. Download the Electronic Fundraiser Form, fill it out and email it. Organization events are held normally Monday through Friday - All food and beverages will be purchased from the golf course. A beverage cart is also available if requested. With the exception of trophies and novelty type awards, prizes will be via merchandise or gift certificates from the golf shop.  Any exceptions need approval from management. A tournament package MUST be completed by the tournament director in order to hold an event.  The tournament package can be picked up at the golf pro shop. Your tournament/outing WILL NOT be booked or held without completion of this package.  The package contains all information needed to hold your event such as prices, prizes, guest requirements, course rules, course set up, Dram Shop Theory etc.

Tee Time Reservations: Tee time reservations for weekend play may be obtained according to the following:
Active Duty - Schedule reservation each Wednesday for the upcoming weekend. Scheduling begins at 7am. Apply, in person, at the Pro Shop or by telephone.
All other eligible golfers - Schedule reservation on Thursdays for the upcoming weekend. Scheduling begins at 7am. Apply, in person, at the Pro Shop or by telephone.
Thursday tee times from 8:30am to 9:30am are reserved for the Women's Golf Association.
Friday, all eligible golfers may reserve tee times for the following week on Monday through Friday.
NOTE: If golfers are unable to play, they should cancel their tee time as soon as possible, but no later than one hour prior to schedule. Continuous failure to show for tee times may result in suspension or loss of tee time reservation eligibility.

Dress Code: All golfers must wear soft spike golf shoes or tennis shoes. Men MUST wear a shirt with sleeves. Short frayed or cut-off shorts, tank tops, midriffs, undergarments worn as outer garments, strapless tops and bathing suits are not permitted. The Golf Course Manager reserves the right to enforce these rules or any other that disrupts the operation or infringes on the enjoyment of other patrons.

Inclement Weather: During inclement weather, the golf course may close without notice. When in doubt, call (318) 456-2263 in advance.

Annual membership by the month: To help your finances, purchase an annual membership and we can debit it monthly.  Simply stop by the Pro Shop fill out the Membership Registration and instead of being charged the full amount that day we will debit your Visa or Master Card 1/12 of the total price each month.  Call Bomber Bayou if you would like any further details.   

Golfball & Vehicle Incidents: None of us try to hit our golf balls into the streets that border the golf course. Unfortunately, the possibility exists that at one time or another we will since the main boulevard runs parallel to two holes and some other roads are reachable from other locations on the course.  What if your golf ball hits a vehicle?  The owner is likely to be pretty upset with you.  Don’t run!  First, you need to apologize.  After that you can put the owners mind at ease by telling them the rules.  When an errant shot damages a passing vehicle, all the owner of the vehicle has to do is stop by the Base Legal Office and file a claim for the repairs.  The claim needs to be filed prior to having the repairs accomplished.  Please have them call the Pro Shop, 456-2263, if they have any questions.   
Golf Cart Rental: Unlike daily green fees, golf carts are rented for nine or eighteen holes at a time. If you would like to play additional holes using a cart, it is your responsibility to report to the Pro Shop and pay the required rental fee before proceeding. Violations will be dealt with accordingly. If you are not playing additional holes, the golf cart must be turned in as soon as possible following the completion of your round. It's important that we get the necessary cart maintenance and accountability issues completed. Please be aware that cart rental is per seat and not per cart. You will be asked to double up whenever possible in order to save some wear and tear on the carts.  You are responsible for the cart you rent--if it comes back damaged you will be required to pay for repairs. 

Driving Range: Golfers hitting range balls past the hedges at the end of the driving range are asked to use a shorter club. The residents of the housing area are reporting balls flying through their yards and endangering children. The maximum amount of distance golfers are allowed to safely hit a ball at the driving range is 225 yards. In addition, golfers are required to hit the Golf Course's "range" balls. The Golf Course changed to limited flight balls to help prevent balls from flying out of the driving range. Those old Top-Flites and Titleist balls pulled out of golfers bags fly too far! Do not use them! With golfers understanding and cooperation, everyone can continue to enjoy the range.

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