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Family Child Care

413 Curtiss Road - [318] 456-9688

OPEN: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm; Childcare can be provided 24/7


The Family Child Care program is ideal for children who prefer a smaller, more personal child care setting. Family Child Care is provided in the provider’s home by highly trained and inspected child care professionals. They provide quality, affordable child care in a home setting and care for no more than six children in the home, including the provider’s own children.

The advantages of FCC care includes a safe and nurturing environment, mixed age groups, individual attention, smaller group setting and FCC providers are recruited to care for children with special needs. FCC providers experience stringent licensing requirements, are certified in CPR and First Aid, and undergo unannounced home observations.  Their meal program is USDA regulated. Providers and their family members must complete an annual security clearance.  No smoking or pets are permitted around children. Television viewing is limited to one hour per day and consists only of child appropriate television programs. Also, FCC Providers set their own rates. The Family Child Care program provides families a safe, educational and fun child care option.

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