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6341 Range Road [318] 456-2679


This begins upon exiting Range Road and includes the park and campground. Ensure all drivers within your party understand the speed limit rules.

No fires or barbeques are allowed within 25 feet of any structure including Recreational Lodging Units.

Open campfires are permitted under direct adult supervision and contained in a fire pit. Fires are not permitted during Burn Bans.

FamCamp may not be used as a storage facility. Extra recreational vehicles including boats, ATV’s, trailers, etc. must be stored at the BAFB Storage Lot or FAMCAMP Office.

DO NOT park on grass. Ask us for additional parking for guests or extra POVs.

Trees and wildlife in FamCamp must not be disturbed for any reason. Do not feed the alligators and make sure to keep all pets and children away from the edge of the Bayou. 

Under no circumstances will grey water be dumped on the ground in any FamCamp area or any place on Barksdale AFB. Violating this policy will result in a fine. 

Air Force rules restrict smoking to designated areas only.  Smoking is NOT permitted in any building owned by the Air Force. This includes ALL Recreational Lodging Units.

Please do not remove hose bib (back flow pressure relief) from faucets. If you need them removed, please let us know.

Pets may not be outside unaccompanied, must be kept under control and on a leash at all times. All pet waste must be picked up by the owner promptly.


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