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Base Training & Education Services (BTES)

723 Douhet Dr., Suite209 - [318] 456-2615

Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) is Offline Friday, 10 July 2020

 Military Members, Education Centers and Schools will not have any access to process actions during this modernization.  Please plan accordingly to have your tuition assistance requests in by noon 9 Jul, to allow time for processing. Prior to the system going offline, please make sure all open action items are completed (i.e. Tuition Assistance Request signatures and supervisor approval.)  Once the system is back online, you will notice a new and improved AFEVC with numerous updates.   “How To” documents are loaded in “AFVEC Resources” to assist you with the new upgrades.  If you need assistance call the Base Education Center at 456-2615 or email  2FSS.FSDE@us.af.mil.


NEW! Scholarships for Outstanding Airman to ROTC (SOAR) gives Airmen the opportunity to earn a commission by separating from active duty and joining an AFROTC detachment. It allows members to complete their Bachelor's degree and attend an Air Force ROTC program.  For more information visit  http://www.airuniversity.af.mil/Holm-Center/AFROTC/Display/Article/1047870/ .  All packages must be received at 2FSS/FSDE@us.af.mil by 29 Sep 20.


Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday: 8-11:30 am & 1-4 pm

The Education Center offers professional guidance to enhance individual and mission readiness, educate and equip Airmen of available AF education programs and assist in preparing the world’s elite fighting force through education. The Air Force is a full-time job, but this doesn’t mean airmen should give up on their education and dreams. In fact, this is more of a reason to continue your education. While most will carry the load of student loans, airmen have a wide variety of options that can allow them to attend college for next to nothing. Even deployments don’t have to stop you from getting your education. Numerous schools have online classes and many deployment locations are offering education centers to help students. Don’t let your excuses get in the way of your dreams; schedule an appointment with our Education Advisors today. 

 To schedule an appointment, email 2FSS.FSDE@us.af.mil with your full name, contact information and the reason for you appointment (e.e. changing schools, degrees, CCAF, follow up TA briefing, initial TA briefing, etc.)

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