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Transition Assistance Program (TAP)


SEPARATING from the military select here (Separatee Entitlement Information)
RETIRING from the military select here (Retiree Entitlement Information)
Transition Calendar FY 2019

Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Workshop Materials
Download all documents listed below on your electronic device for use during the TAP Workshop.  If you do not have a device you can utilize during the workshop, the A&FRC will have laptops available for check-out.  The documents below are needed for Day #1 of the workshop, no hard copies will be provided.
•    TAP Workshop Requirements
•    Individual Transition Plan
•    MOC Crosswalk Participant Guide
•    Gap Analysis Part A
•    Gap Analysis Part B
•    Financial Planning Participant Guide 2019
•    TAP Financial Planning Worksheet
•    Compensation Comparison
•    Local Employment Resource Guide
•    TAP One Page Budget

Required Transition Briefings
To ensure the transition from military to civilian life is a positive experience, congress has mandated that Airman & Family Readiness centers provide the following courses;
Pre-Separation Briefings: 8-11am, twice a month
In anticipation of retirement or separation, members are required attend the pre-separation briefing as soon as possible within the preceding 24 (for retirements) or 12 months (for separation). The briefing provides resources available for making a successful transition back into civilian life. Please see the A&FRC calendar for specific dates.
TAP: 8am - 4pm, daily
This 5-day program is for those who are preparing to retire or separate from active duty or reserve service. Retirees can participate as early as 24 months prior to retirement and separtees can participate as early as 12 months prior to separation. Spouses and/or significant others are encouraged to attend on a space-available basis. Please see the A&FRC calendar for specific dates.
Capstone: 8am - 12pm, by appointment only
This personalized briefing is the final step for all retirees and separatees and must be accomplished between 90 and 150 days prior to separation date. This event will validate the service member's preparedness to be successful following their military service by reviewing all documentation required to meet all of their Career Readiness Standards. Please see the A&FRC calendar for specific dates.

For questions, concerns or other correspondence, email the A&FRC at BarksdaleAirman&FamilyReadinessCenter@us.af.mil.

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