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Relocation Assistance Program


The Relocation Assistance Program provides relocation information and education for personnel and families when relocating. A variety of services are offered: Individual Consultations, Military Installation Information, Plan My Move, Right Start (Newcomer’s Orientation) and Sponsorship Training.

The newcomer's orientation, Right Start, is from 7:30am - 12pm. First Duty Station Personnel has additional briefings from 12 to 4pm. This program is facilitated by the A&FRC staff and required for all base newcomers. It brings together various base and community speakers to give our new arrivals an overview of the base and local community programs, services, history, recreational and cultural opportunities. Spouses are encouraged to attend.

Welcome to eSponsorship Training
Please click on the “eSponsorship training” link below to complete the new eSponsorship Training. Once completed, you will be given the opportunity to print a completion certificate. YOU MUST bring a copy of this certificate to your Unit INTRO Monitor in order to receive credit for having completed the training. Please keep a copy of the certificate for your records. This training, developed and sponsored by the DoD, allows you to not only complete training, but print a sponsorship checklist and track whom you are sponsoring electronically and allow them to complete a needs assessment that will be sent to you. If you experience any problems with the training or printing your certificate, please contact us at 456-8400. 

•    eSponsorship Training (Try with Google Chrome for faster loading)

Contact us at BarksdaleAirman&FamilyReadinessCenter@us.af.mil.

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