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Personal & Family Readiness


Personal & Family Readiness assists single and married DOD personnel and families meet pre-deployment, sustainment, reintegration, and post-deployment challenges. This program helps individuals and families reduce stress, deal with separation and reintegration, increase individual and family morale and unit cohesion and support operational readiness. Programs include: Operation Hero (annual event), Deployment and Reintegration Resources, Hearts Apart Program (Morale Calls), Car Care Because We Care for Spouses, Sweet Dream Pillowcases, Kissing Pillows, Give Parents A Break, Reading Before Leaving (base library), TDY Vehicle Notice Sheets, and Patrol Request (off-base service.)

Readiness Briefing: Tuesdays, 8-9 am - With so many upcoming military deployments, it is vital to have personal and family affairs in order. This program is available to provide information and support during all phases of deployment. This briefing is mandatory for all active duty members that have a "firm" deployment tasking and are within 60 days of departure. Spouses, family members and/or significant others are welcome to attend.

Reunion and Reintegration: Daily, 10 am - This briefing focuses on reintegration following a service member’s return from deployment. It is mandatory for all active duty members that have returned from a deployment of 30 days or more. Family members and/or significant others are highly encouraged to attend. Individual and family assistance is provided and appropriate referrals are made for other deployment related concerns not available at the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

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