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Personal Financial Readiness (PFR)


Personal Financial Readiness provides Air Force members and their families the knowledge, techniques and tools to maintain financial readiness and build resiliency. The program focuses on information & referral, education, and consultation to plan for day-to-day living needs as well as retirement. Classes offered include: Basic Investing, Moving Out of the Dorms, Finance 101 (the Basics), TSP: Thrift Savings Plan and Credit/Debt Management. Also, One-on-One Consultations are offered on topics such as: Thrift Savings Plan, CSB/Redux, Budgeting/Debt Management, Car Buying and Buying/Selling Your Home.

PFR Pamphlet

Budget Worksheet

"Take the Saver's Pledge" at www.militaysaves.org  and improve Your Financial Fitness during 2018 Military Saves Week - 26 Feb - 2 Mar 2018.  Our goal is to get 1000 pledges this year. Attend one of our classes during the week - from basic money management to investing in the Thrift Saving Plan.  We have a class for you. Click here to check out the schedule of classes. For more information about Military Saves Week, please contact the A&FRC at 456-8400.



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